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Status: Operational
Capacity (MWac): 30
Capacity (MWdc): 39
Annual Production (GWh) 69
Off-taker: Georgia Power

The Pawpaw Project is a 30MWac photovoltaic power plant located in Butler County, GA. The project is built on agricultural and industrial land, and supplies power to Georgia Power under a 30-year Power Purchase Agreement. 


Initial development work began in 2013 and the project achieved commercial operation in 2016. The plant uses polycrystalline photovoltaic modules and single axis trackers to generate ~69 GWh per year, enough electricity to power ~6,400 homes. 


The project is currently owned by Southern Company.

Effective # of households served


Avoided Emissions/yr (Tons of Carbon)


Equivalent # of cars removed from road



TUUSSO Energy’s approach to development is focused on reducing cost and maximize long term revenue potential.
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